Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Ecocity2 – Homes Constructed Using Aluform Technology

EcoCity 2 is the progressive phase of one of Namrata Groups popular brand EcoCity. This project is an excellent blend of compact yet luxurious homes set in the beautiful lake town of Talegaon, Pune. The biggest USP of this project is its location, Talegaon lies in the centre of Maharashtra’s popular industrial triangle Mumbai, Pune & Nashik. Moreover, the beautiful climate and the scenic view of Talegaon gives you the joy of living in a hill station.

Similar to EcoCity, the concept and ideology for EcoCity2 also remain same while the layout and the quality of the project is being further improvised. The project will be sprawling adjacent to phase-I and comprises of 7 Towers offering 1 & 2 BHK compact apartments. Other important factor that makes EcoCity2 a notable residential project in Talegaon is that, the project will be developed using Aluminium Framework System.

Read on to find out more about the benefits of using Aluminium Framework System Technology at EcoCity2.

Aluminium Framework System, commonly known as Aluform Technology is one of the most innovative technologies adopted by the new Indian Construction Industry. This technology will boost the overall efficiency of construction and offers a better infrastructural development within a very short span of time. This technology was first developed by a European construction company. Later in 1990, Malaysia based Mivan Company Ltd. started manufacturing these framework systems on a very large scale & hence it is also known as Mivan TechnologySince then, many developers across the world have started making use of this technology.

Aluform Shuttering
The easiest way to explain the benefits of this technology are that it is fast, simple, adaptable and cost-effective. It is majorly used in Europe, Asia, and Gulf Countries for constructing residential units and mass housing projects. This technology is highly suitable for constructing a large number of units in a short span of time.

This new construction technology used in EcoCity will further improve the quality of construction, reduce the time taken for development, cost of development is minimized, gives better finishing to the final construction, and many more.

Aluminium Framework System is easy to handle & lightweight. Pre-engineered aluminium frames are used for construction purpose, this helps in speeding up the overall development. It follows the popular “3S” System in Construction i.e. Speed – Strength – Safety. This eliminates extra beams and columns from the construction that further enhances the beauty of your abode and adds more space to your room. Walls and slabs are well cast in one operation, which further reduces the risk of wall cracks and leakages.

Other major advantages of Aluform technology is that it includes earthquake resistant construction, improves the durability of the property, it has less no. of joints which leads to reduction in leakage related issues. Elimination of pillars and columns increases your carpet area so that there are no unnecessary blockages in the house. It gives a smooth finish to walls and slabs and maintain a uniform quality of construction. Use of Aluform Technology will be useful in completing the project faster, as well as reducing the maintenance cost.

Continuing the legacy of EcoCity, EcoCity2 also offers superior amenities such as Club House, Table Tennis, Snooker, Gymnasium, Barbeque Area, Multipurpose Lawn with stage, Lawn Mounds & Tree groove, Long jump, Children Multiplay Station, Seating Area, Lawn Play area, Gazebo, Tree-lined Avenue Road & Project Boundary. The project also includes some of the other common amenities from phase one.

Along with Eco Life, EcoCity2 also offers you homes that are durable and safe to live a healthy and a peaceful life with your loved ones.  

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Coffee with Nana – An evening lend to support our Sons of the Soil.

The unfortunate news of Farmers’ Suicide has been splashing across the Indian media for years. And, it’s high time for us as an INDIAN Citizen to come forward and help our farmers stop committing suicide leaving back their entire family in lurch.

Actor Nana Patekar and Makrand Anaspure have jointly launched the Naam Foundation - a well-coordinated effort to help the families of farmers in Maharashtra who are crushed by drought, crop failure and debts, which is unfortunately leading them to take such mourning decision of ending their lives. The actor duo, visited the farmers’ families from the Marathwada region of Maharashtra to understand the impact of severe drought conditions due to monsoon failure. While the two founded and started working for the Naam Foundation, many contributors started joining and raising funds to support the drought-hit farmers & their families.

The Naam Foundation broadly serves two purposes:
  • Donating money to the farmers affected by drought.
  • Provide employment opportunities for the youth in those villages.

Soon after the foundation was registered, people started making contributing funds. Nearly in a day’s time the foundation collected INR 80 Lakhs. This confirms, that the people are willing to extend their support to help the deprived farmers and their family, it’s just that they are not assured if their money goes to the right place or not. Establishment of Naam Foundation has broken this disbelief & gained the trust of people and has encouraged them to support the sons of soil.

Nana Patekar has already visited more than 120 widows in Marathwada – Beed and has planned to visit 700 more families in Nagpur, Jalna, Parbani, Aurangabad, Nanded, Usmanabad, Bhusawal, Hingoli, Jalgaon, Latur, etc. Until today, the duo has helped more than 150 families and will continue doing this noble cause for the betterment of Farmer and their families.

To continue this noble cause initiated by Nana Patekar and Makrand Anaspure to support the Sons of the Soil; Lions Clubs International District 323-D2 arranged a Fund-Raising evening: 

“Coffee with Nana” on 15th October 2015 at PYC Club, Deccan Gymkhanna, Pune. 

The Lions Clubs Members took their best foot forward to raise backing to accumulate financial aid to the drought hit farmers of Maharashtra. To which, they shall be approaching the Lion members, Lion leaders and other philanthropists to generously donate for this noble cause – rescuing our suffering farmers.

The key motive of conducting this event was to collect a generous amount of monitory support for the Farmers of Maharashtra and their families. 

Thanks to the humble Lions Club Members for their support and willingness to lend a helping hand to generate support of approximately INR 65 Lakhs. Lions Club will be donating INR 15,000 per year to a drought-hit farmer’s family, this will lend support to more than 400 families.

This amount would be deposited in the Bank and Bankers would be advised to disburse in the following way:

  • Immediately Support Amount - INR 3,000
  • Hereafter, every month INR 1500 till the inset of next monsoon

Mr. Shailesh Shah & Mr. Deepak Shah, Founders of Namrata Group a renowned name from the Pune Real Estate Market and the Proud Member of the Lions Club have taken a personal initiative to lend a helping hand in supporting this noble cause by raising a support of INR 5 Lakhs to this amount.

They pledge to continue to be part of such noble causes whenever it comes to do their bit for the betterment of the society.

Let’s stop blaming the government for not doing anything and start thinking over what more can be done to help the farmers and stop the suicides.